Welcome! This is the blog site for my speech-language therapy practice, Live Speak Love. My practice is now called Yorktown Therapy Services, but I’ve had this blog for so long, I didn’t want to change it. Enjoy your visit to this site and don’t forget to check out Yorktown Therapy Services!


Check out the Speech-Language Blog for therapy ideas, materials, announcements, and more! https://livespeaklove.com/speech-language-blog/


We are a compassionate, caring, speech-language pathology practice providing excellence in clinical service for children of all ages and their families. We believe that everyone has a fundamental right to communicate in meaningful ways and that therapy should be fun, play-based, and centered on the individual needs of the child. 


To actively serve the needs of the local community by providing exceptional, motivating, evidence-based therapy services designed to meet the unique needs of individuals and the people who love them. 

Check out our newly updated and re-branded website!  Yorktown Therapy Services

Looking for my Speech-Language Blog?  Speech-Language Blog

Also, feel free to contact me at any time with questions. I look forward to seeing how I can help your child!  lisa@yorktowntherapy.com


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