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Super Duper Fun!

I was very excited to come home and find this package on my doorstep today!

I will be reviewing this product from Super Duper Inc, one of my favorite speech therapy supply companies. I am really looking forward to trying this program with students that have auditory processing difficulties. The processing program (at first glance) appears to be based on research stemming from investigations of altered auditory signal presentation to remediate intermittent/delayed auditory perception in children. I find research like this –glimpses into variations of how the brain processes auditory signals as explanations for disordered comprehension– to be completely fascinating. I am very excited to learn more about the Altered Auditory Input technique proposed in this program, and will be posting my impressions very soon,  So, look for my review in an upcoming blog feature ~stay tuned!


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  1. Hi,
    I’m really intereted in havions your impression about this book. My son is autist and îm living in France. I havé ordered this book (not yet received) and i’m very exciting to make him learn and show it to his speech pathologists here in France.
    Si please, give us your impressions !!
    Thank you

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