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VIP Retirement Bash! August 15, 2015

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Are you ready for Back to School? Have your planners ready? Supplies? Wardrobe? NAILS?? If you need a little beauty inspiration, join this VIP party for hot deals, prizes, and FUN! Here you go!!

Live. Jam. Love

I’ve already told you how sad I am about this month’s Going Going Gone.  But Hey!  There’s a bright side! This bittersweet event also brings good fortune! I am offering my VIP customers entry into a VIP Mega Retirement Bash for Going Going Gone! The first 50 people to join will get a FREE set of the new Fall accent sheets! This party is not open to the general public and is by invitation only. If you’d like to be included in all the fun, deals and prizes, just go here and request to join: VIP Going Going Gone Retirement Bash!


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Summer Fun Resources April 20, 2014

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summer fun
Summer Fun Resources

With summer just around the corner, I wanted to highlight some summer fun activities I created that were featured on the ASHASphere blog a couple of years ago. There are lots of ideas and FREE resources for you to download! Please feel free to pass on the free downloads — just link back to my site if you do. Thank you and ENJOY!




Anncredible October 14, 2013

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From LiveSpeakLove’s new Anncredible Page:

2013-10-13 21.44.33

The Anncredible Fight

What is The Anncredible Fight?

The Anncredible Fight is a story that will touch your heart and compel you to act. It is the story of a woman and her fight with an aggressive form of breast cancer. The story of a fighter, whose journey has already inspired so many. She is a single mom of two children, one with significant medical and developmental needs. She is a caregiver, a lifesaver, a warrior and teacher. She is the light in her children’s eyes and the laughter in their hearts. She is  a daughter, a niece, a cousin, an aunt. She is a friend. A good friend. She loves with her whole heart, and she helps others before she helps herself.

She is you, she is me; she is all of us that Live, Speak and Love in hopes of making a difference.

She is Ann, and she is my sister.

(You can read more about Ann and her story at Anncredible.)

How Can You Help?

Because Ann is the primary caregiver and support for her special needs son, Eliah, Ann is unable to work and has NO INSURANCE. Please consider helping Ann in one or more of the following ways:

ann fundraiser

Donate money to help Ann with medical and household bills – any amount will help this single mother who has devoted her life to caring for her children. She has been unable to work and has NO INSURANCE. Donations are being accepted so that Ann can focus on getting healthy without worrying about losing her house or her children.  Ann’s Fundraiser:

anncredible fight swag

Purchase an “Anncredible” t-shirt, hoodie or related apparel – All proceeds go directly to Ann. Post a picture of you sporting your Anncredible swag on my Facebook page to show Ann your support! The Anncredible Fight Swag Store:

ann can FB

Join the Ann Can! Facebook group follow her journey and send her messages of encouragement. Ann is very open about her experiences and encourages your request to join our group:

Thank you for supporting Anncredible!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for reading, thank you for caring, and thank you for supporting this very personal journey. Blessings to you all!

Lisa, Live Speak Love

2013-09-29 13.10.40

Me and my Sis, Anncredible

2013-10-01 19.15.00

Me wearing my Anncredible shirt to support my sister

Beautiful and Brave...Anncredible

Beautiful and Brave…Anncredible


WHOOO Loves Owls?! August 20, 2013

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Wow, I am loving the response to my cute Owl Clipart – seems I am not the only one who thinks the little owls are perfect for the back-to-school season!  You can read more about my year-round obsession with owls here or here. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to my love for the little creatures (in real life, I would probably just watch in awe and run for my life if one dared come close to me, hahaha. I am always fearful that my little five pound ball of fluff puppy, Cooper , will be carried away by a hungry fowl. But I DO love them from afar.)

Anyway, here is a repost of my ever popular WHO questions featuring the Owl Clipart I made. Hope you enjoy!!

Owl Who Questions Preview


Owl Art August 18, 2013

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Reposting my original OWL CLIPART, because I happen to think that Owls are perfect for the back to school season!  Yes, it took me hours and hours to make these images but how cute are they??? Click to download for your personal, educational and commercial use…check it out!



Calling all Puppy Lovers! May 20, 2013

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Cavachon PuppyLiveSpeakLove is excited to announce the adoption of a wonderful little Cavachon Puppy! I would love to connect with other Cavachon owners, particularly if you adopted a Cavachon or other puppy from DCDogFinders in the MD, DC, VA area.

Please fill out the form below and I will add you to our wiki page where we can post our photos, tips, stories, etc. Can’t wait to share!






Calling All Night Owls March 20, 2013

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I recently posted this meme on the LiveSpeakLove Facebook page and have since then seen it crop up on Pinterest and other sites. I must not be the only one! Anyone else a night owl? When do you get the most work accomplished? I’d love to hear!



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