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The World-Wide Web

Hello, world! As I am new to blogging, I recently discovered that I can see from what country people are accessing my blog. Imagine my surprise and delight to realize that Live Speak Love is reaching people in (so far) 56 different countries around the world??!

Live Speak Love is (I hope) helping other people in countries as far away as Australia, Korea, Czech Republic and South Africa. This idea simply amazes me…the idea that people from around the world can, in some sense, unite in their efforts to help other people learn and communicate, and that I can play some small part in leading this effort. I may be overinterpreting the information…perhaps my blog hits are nothing more than a random series of clicks that led someone to this site for nothing more than an instant. But just maybe there are people from around the world that find information here useful, and they are downloading the resources I’ve made to help a child in some way. I hope it’s the latter! Feel free to let me know either way with a comment or email. However you found this site, and no matter how long you visited… hello to all from Live Speak Love!