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LiveSpeakLove is Having a Sale!!

Due to the fact that I have decided to LOWER ALL PRICES in my TPT Store, and because it is down to the wire for those of you planning for fun, engaging activitities that incorporate what is on all the minds of little goblins everywhere….Halloween….I have decided to throw a multi-level SALE at my TPT Store! First, all prices have been adjustes to reflect a substantial decrease. Second, I am throwing a 20% off SALE on ALL HALLOWEEN RESOURCES until 10/24/12. You now have less than 4 days to stock up on your Halloween goodies! Thank you for checking out this labor of love of mine!!

2 thoughts on “LiveSpeakLove is Having a Sale!!”

    1. Bummer! Cathleen, because I’m just getting started with TPT and because you JUST missed my sale with a triple purchase, I will throw in a freebie for you. Email me or message me privately to let me know what Halloween resource you would also like, and I will send it to you. I really can’t give away these types of resources without some sort of compensation anymore (like I was been doing for the past year) but I definitely want to help other professionals and I of course aim to LiveSpeakLove!

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