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Thanksgiving Season is Here! Seasonal Activities Galore

Goodbye Halloween, Hello Thanksgiving! Even though the stores barely acknowledge you and people tend to only think of you as they plan their menus and make their Christmas lists, I, for one, adore you!! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. My memories of yesteryear’s Thanksgivings are forever treasured, filling my mind with pictures that are bittersweet to reflect on and remember. Memories that are fleeting, yet vivid– family gathered by the fire, road trips on chilly days to see loved ones, and bountiful blessings that colored my world.  I loved Thanksgiving as a child, and perhaps love it even more as an adult. I love celebrating Thanksgiving with children, knowing that I am giving them pictures for their own minds–images they will perhaps conjure up year after year in reflection and gratitude. You may have already seen my Thanksgiving activites previously posted…if not, take a look! I am very pleased to see so many of you enjoying the activities. Here are a couple more in my series, with more to come!

Target auditory processing, location word vocabulary, spatial relationshipsand
more using this fun activity package.Use these games to incorporate multiple learning styles and target a variety of
skills. Students will love the Thanksgiving-themed games as you they complete the activities incoprorating visual, auditory, kinsethetic and tactile learning styles.

This multi-skill lesson is the perfect way to target a variety of speech-language and academic skills using the Thanksgiving theme. This visual-rich activity targets multiple intelligences and learning styles through and activity that incorporates following verbal and visual directions, sequencing, ordinal, sequential and prepositional vocabulary, written language, fine motor skills and even social skills and relationship building. This activity is perfect for small or large group lessons, and lends itself well to co-treatment with the SLP and OT, guidance counselor and/or social worker. Students love creating a card that they can then give away to a friend or special family member to show gratitude and appreciation. This comprehensive activity has been a hit in my speech-language room and in classrooms during push in lessons for many years!!
I would love to hear other activities people are using, and even hear some of your favorite memories of this delicious holiday.  Thanks for visiting! ~Lisa

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