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Fall Articulation & Phonology Games

I’ve had a LOT of requests for this one — a 22 page bundle of articulation and phonology games showcasing Fall and Halloween vocabulary! Such a favorite in speech therapy rooms and classrooms. Board games, stimulus cards for a variety of articulation and phonological goals, word strips to use on Legos or on Jenga pieces, Bingo Boards and calling cards that can be used memory/matching games, and even some create-your-own supplies! I wanted to get this up on the blog ASAP as I have some wonderful followers who’ve made very patient requests for this content. Here you go!

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  1. I love this!

    I am planning in creating materials in another language (Arabic) since there isn’t a lot of material in Arabic out there. I beed some guidance on how to start — where to start! Are there programs, websites, or apps that you recommend i can start with?

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